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Custom Mouth Guards for Bruxism

By Stephen Rogers on August 22, 2013

Staten Island Mouth GuardsBruxism is a very serious condition, and you may not even be aware of it. Most people know it by its more common name: teeth grinding. But whatever you call it, it’s a habit that can cause severe pain and permanent damage to the teeth. There is a way to combat bruxism that’s convenient and noninvasive: the use of a custom mouth guard. Frederick Paschkes, DMD, Steven Rogers, DMD, James Woltman, DMD, and Anthony Geraci, DDS, our team of skilled cosmetic dentists at Greater Long Island Dental, are ready to help prevent any damage caused by teeth grinding.

The Long-Term Cost of Bruxism

Even if you only grind your teeth while you sleep, the effects of bruxism extend far beyond the night. Over time, tooth grinding can cause a number of problems:

  • Tooth Wear and Tear - Tooth damage is the most common consequence of long-term tooth grinding. Chronic bruxism can cause fine fractures and loose teeth. With time, the wear can become so significant that teeth may need to be treated with more extensive dental restorations such as crowns or dental implants.
  • Damage to Dental Work - While tooth grinding can cause significant damage to natural teeth over time, that potential for damage grows with dental work like porcelain veneers and dental implants.
  • Neck and Jaw Pain - Not everyone afflicted with bruxism experiences pain. With that said, tooth grinding habits may cause muscles in the neck and jaw to tense up, causing stiffness and pain. Severe grinding and clenching of the teeth has also been strongly linked to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.
  • Headaches - The same muscle tension that can cause neck and jaw pain among bruxism patients can also cause tension headaches. In some cases, this tension can even cause migraine headaches.

The Advantage of Custom Mouth Guards

One of the most common remedies for bruxism and related problems like TMJ disorder is a mouth guard. By covering your teeth and preventing direct contact between your upper and lower jaw, a mouth guard is a simple and effective way to curb tooth grinding while you sleep.

Pre-made mouth guards can be picked up at most drug stores. There are, however, great advantages to having a custom mouth guard fitted by your dentist. There is no way to adjust the fit of most store bought mass-produced mouth guards, and they are often bulky and uncomfortable and can even obstruct proper breathing - all of which can ultimately hinder your sleep even further, instead of help.

With custom mouth guards from Greater Long Island Dental, your cosmetic dentist makes an impression of your teeth and designs a mouth guard made especially for you. This translates to a perfect fit, increased comfort, and better protection for your teeth. 

Contact Our Long Island Dental Office Today

Bruxism can cause a lot of peripheral issues, and confronting the problem head on is the first step toward freedom from jaw pain, headaches, and long-term dental damage. Contact our Long Island office today to schedule an appointment, discuss your options, and get on the right path to a more comfortable night’s sleep.

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