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Are Dental Implants Right for Diabetic Patients?

By Stephen Rogers on November 15, 2013

Long Island Dental Implants and DiabetesDental implants are widely considered by dental professionals to be the most stable and durable anchor for artificial teeth, including permanent dentures, dental crowns, and dental bridges. By replacing missing tooth roots with dental implants, patients can protect the health of surrounding teeth, stimulate jaw bone growth, and maintain the structure of the mouth. For patients who are good candidates for dental implants, they seem to be the ideal solution.

However, in certain cases, dental implants may not be a valid option. Oral health complications, insufficient bone density, and certain medical conditions can all increase the chances of dental implant failure, making this treatment a poor choice. In the past, diabetes has been considered a medical condition that makes patients poor candidates for dental implant treatment. However at our cosmetic dentistry practice, we have found that for our diabetic patients in Long Island, dental implants may still be an option.

Diabetic Candidates for Dental Implants

Diabetic patients have been shown to have a higher risk for dental implant failure than those patients who do not suffer from the condition. For this reason, in the past, diabetes has excluded patients as ideal candidates for dental implants treatment. However, more recent studies have shown that, under the right conditions, dental implants may be an option for patients with diabetes.

In order for diabetics to determine if they are candidates for dental implant treatment they must schedule a consultation with one of our dentists at Greater Long Island Dental so that we can thoroughly evaluate the patient’s health history and go over any areas of concern. In general, diabetic patients who meet the following requirements may be suitable dental implant candidates:

  • The patient has a high level of metabolic control
  • The patients is on a successful regime of diabetic medication
  • The patient is a non-smoker or prepared to cease smoking for the duration of treatment (smoking is another condition known to increase the chances of implant failure)

If all of these conditions are met, diabetic patients should be considered good candidates for dental implants.

Avoiding Implant Failure

For patients with controlled diabetes, the success rate of dental implants is over 90 percent. However, certain precautions should still be taken in order to avoid an increased risk of implant failure. It is important that the following precautions be taken by diabetic patients undergoing dental implants treatment:

  • It is very important that diabetic medication be taken on the day of surgery and that metabolic levels be maintained throughout the healing process.
  • A regime of antibiotics should be started on the day of surgery and continue during the healing phase to decrease the chances of infection.
  • Smoking should be avoided in the weeks leading up to surgery and throughout the recovery period.

With these precautions, patients with controlled diabetes can experience the durability and security of dental implants treatment.

Schedule an Appointment

If you are a diabetic patient who has experienced tooth loss, schedule an appointment with our dentists at Greater Long Island Dental to learn if you are a good candidate for dental implants. We will discuss your medical history to determine if dental implants can work for you. If you are not a candidate, we will discuss alternate restorative treatments that can renew the strength and beauty of your smile. We look forward to working with you!

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