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Dramatically Improve Tooth Color with Zoom!® Teeth Whitening

By Stephen Rogers on June 04, 2014

Image of yellowed teeth next to those that have been whitenedThere are many cosmetic blemishes that can cause a person to be dissatisfied with the overall appearance of the smile, but the feature that seems to stand out the most to people is tooth color. When teeth have become stained or discolored they can appear dirty, unhealthy, or just lackluster. The good news is that it is easier than most would imagine to get a smile that is bright, white, and shiny. In fact, new teeth whitening techniques allow patients to achieve a significantly whiter smile in just a single day. Our Long Island patients can undergo Zoom!® teeth whitening treatment to erase even deep set stains in order to brighten the teeth by several shades in about an hour.

The Procedure

The Zoom!® teeth whitening technique is the safest and fastest way for patients to improve tooth color. Because the procedure is administered by a dental professional, we are able to use professional-strength bleaching gel. This means that the results are not only virtually instant, but also extremely effective. The procedure begins with the placement of a protective shield over the gums and lips, which protects these sensitive tissues from the potentially harmful effects of the bleaching gel. The gel is then carefully applied to the surface of the teeth by one of our dentists. We then expose the teeth to a strong, bleach-activating UV light for 15 minutes. After this initial treatment period, the teeth will be cleaned and fresh gel will be applied, repeating exposure to the UV light. After three series of this procedure, or approximately 45 minutes, treatment will be complete. On average, the teeth will be eight shades whiter when treatment is complete. Although the majority of patients are satisfied with the color of their teeth after just a single appointment, treatment can be repeated until the patient is satisfied with the tooth color that is achieved.


While there are several at-home teeth whitening methods available to patients, Zoom!® teeth whitening remains one of the most popular whitening methods because of the many benefits it offers patients. Some of the advantages of Zoom!® teeth whitening include the following:

  • Completely safe: The application process ensures that the soft tissues of the mouth are completely protected throughout treatment. This prevents the risk of tissue damage, just as the professional application and supervision erases the risk of user-error. For these reasons, Zoom!® teeth whitening is considered virtually risk-free.
  • Minimal side effects: Many patients experience no side effects of teeth whitening. Those who do experience side effects report short-term tooth sensitivity. This includes increased sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures and should resolve on its own within a few days after treatment.
  • Dramatic results: By whitening the teeth by several shades, patients are able to greatly improve the appearance of the smile, transforming dull teeth into those that are bright and pearly white.

Schedule an Appointment

Thanks to the advanced technique of Zoom!® teeth whitening, it is now safer and faster than ever to brighten and whiten the teeth. If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your smile due to dull or yellow teeth, there is no need to settle. Schedule an appointment with one of our skilled cosmetic dentists at your earliest convenience to learn if Zoom!® teeth whitening is right for you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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