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Totally Awesome: Invisalign® for Teens

By Stephen Rogers on November 04, 2015

Invisalign® logo underneath a close-up of a smileIf you are a teen looking for information on the many benefits of Invisalign® Teen so that you can convince your parents that it’s the right orthodontic treatment for you, then you might want to go grab mom or dad. You’re probably interested in Invisalign® for its most notable benefit, the fact that the custom-crafted aligners are virtually invisible. It’s true - you’ll be able to undergo orthodontic treatment without having to wear conspicuous metal braces that advertise to the world that you’re straightening your teeth. That alone might not be enough to convince your mom and dad, though. So go ahead and get them so that you can read the following article together.

Of course, if you are the parent of a teenager and you have found this article, you have at least some idea of what Invisalign® has to offer. The experienced orthodontic experts of Greater Long Island Dental would like to present some reasons why you, as a parent, might want to consider investing in Invisalign® Teen for your son or daughter. You may be surprised to learn that Invisalign® for teens at our Long Island, NY dental practice offers many benefits beyond the merely aesthetic that other orthodontic systems simply cannot match. We invite you to read on and then schedule a consultation with one of our highly esteemed dentists to learn more about the benefits of Invisalign® Teen today.

Conventional Invisalign® vs. Invisalign® Teen

Invisalign® Teen is a modified version of Invisalign®, the premier alternative to conventional metal braces available today. Invisalign® uses a series of custom aligners made of a clear, proprietary formula. Each aligner in the series varies slightly in shape from the previous one, with the first in the series representing the patient’s bite at the beginning of treatment and the last representing the bite the patient hopes to achieve by the end of treatment. Every two weeks or so, the patient trades his or her current aligner out for the next in the series.

Unlike conventional Invisalign® aligners, Invisalign® Teen aligners contain blue indicators that fade when worn as directed. Each aligner is supposed to be worn at least 20 to 22 hours a day for the two weeks or so that it remains in the mouth. It may be removed only for brushing, flossing, and eating. The indicator strip allows our dentists to confirm that your teenager is wearing the aligners as directed. Invisalign® Teen also includes free replacement aligners - just in case.

How will Invisalign® Teen Benefit Your Son or Daughter?

Let’s face it: it’s not easy being a teenager as it is. Being a teenager with conspicuous metal braces is even harder. Invisalign® Teen will allow your child to correct his or her teeth while maintaining his or her self-esteem. Further, Invisalign® Teen:

  • Is as effective and efficient among qualified candidates as traditional metal braces.
  • Allows for easy maintenance of oral hygiene during treatment, unlike metal braces.
  • Requires approximately the same treatment time.
  • Is usually covered by dental insurance.

Learn More about Invisalign Teen®

To learn more about Invisalign Teen®, please contact Greater Long Island Dental today.

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