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The Benefits of Tongue Scraping

By Stephen Rogers on February 07, 2017

Tongue scraperIf you are diligent about your oral care, you probably brush twice each day and floss once per day. Have you tended to your tongue lately, though? You may think, “Yes! I scrub my tongue with my toothbrush.” Unfortunately, the bristles of your toothbrush are not strong enough to eliminate bacteria from the tongue, and neither is the backside of your toothbrush if you have one that is ridged. If you truly want a healthy mouth, you need to consider tongue scraping. The dentists at Greater Long Island Dental can help you understand the many benefits of tongue scraping when you visit our Long Island, NY, restorative dentistry practice. Contact our office to set up an appointment.

What Is Tongue Scraping? 

Tongue scraping is often neglected, but this oral hygiene practice can remove bacteria, food particles, toxins, and even dead cells from the tongue’s surface. Our tongues are uneven surfaces with bumps and crevices. This makes them the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. A toothbrush is simply not strong enough to remove bacteria from these areas of the tongue. A tongue scraper, however, can effectively eliminate bacteria to give you a healthier mouth.

What Are the Benefits of Tongue Scraping?

Eliminating bacteria, toxins, and other particles from your tongue can have numerous benefits for your oral health, digestion, and your overall health. Below are just a few of the benefits you may notice once you start tongue scraping.

Control Halitosis

The bacteria that build up on your tongue can lead to halitosis, or bad breath. Even with regular brushing and use of a mouth rinse, bad breath can persist. Tongue scraping effectively eliminates the bacteria that build up, especially at the back of the tongue. This significantly improves breath.

Prevent Decay

The bacteria that thrives on our tongues contributes to the buildup of hard plaque on our teeth. This, in turn, leads to tooth decay and gum disease. By removing the plaque from your teeth and tongue, you can better prevent these conditions.

Boost Immunity

The tongue is home to bacteria and toxins. Eliminating these with a tongue scraper can improve your overall immunity. Tongue scraping could mean taking fewer sick days.

Enjoy Your Food

When bacteria and toxins build up on the tongue, they can block your taste buds. This can cause you to have false cravings and can make it difficult to recognize certain foods. Tongue scraping can clear blockages from your taste buds so you can truly enjoy your food.

Improve Digestion

Saliva is a natural digestive aid. When the tongue is clogged with bacteria, toxins, old food particles, and more, salivation declines. This can cause digestive problems. Effectively scraping the tongue will promote salivation and better digestion.

Where Can I Get One and How Do I Use It?

You can order a tongue scraper online or check your local store. Using the u-shaped scraper, use firm but gentle pressure to scrape the tongue from back to front in one long stroke. Rinse your scraper and repeat 5 to 10 times, or until your tongue feels clean.

Learn More about Oral Hygiene

To learn more about tongue scraping or other at-home oral care practices, contact our office staff today.

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