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The Benefits of Fluoride Treatments

By Stephen Rogers on January 08, 2018

Benefits of fluoride treatmentsProfessional fluoride treatments involve the topical application of fluoride to the tooth enamel as supervised by a dentist. There are many different forms of fluoride that a dentist may use, including gels, rinses, or foams. The right type of fluoride treatment will be determined by your dentist. At our Long Island, NY dentistry practice, we’re proud to offer fluoride treatments as a way of enhancing wellness.

A fluoride treatment is preceded by a regular dental exam and cleaning as part of a routine checkup. After undergoing fluoride treatment, patients are asked to avoid eating or drinking for a short period of time after treatment to ensure effectiveness. Beyond that, patients can resume all of their normal daily activities right after treatment. Fluoride treatments have numerous benefits for patients.

Health Benefits for Children and Adults

While fluoride treatment is most commonly associated with children and pediatric dentistry, adults can also benefit from regular fluoride treatments. While there is a fluoride in water and in many foods, periodic professional-strength fluoride treatment can help with tooth remineralization and countless other aspects of dental health.

Strengthens Tooth Enamel

One of the key benefits of fluoride treatments is the ability of fluoride to strengthen tooth enamel. This is why professional fluoride treatments as the use of fluoride supplements in children is so common. By promoting strong teeth at an early age, children are more likely to experience good dental health in the long run.

Protection Against Cavities

Since fluoride helps with tooth remineralization and strengthens tooth enamel in the process, it helps prevent cavities from developing. In addition, fluoride can potentially reverse cavities that are just beginning to form. This is another key benefit of fluoride treatments, and why fluoride is included in many toothpastes and oral hygiene products.

Ideal for Preventative Care

Prevention is one of the best options when it comes to health, wellness, and oral hygiene. Fluoride is a key part in preventing cavities and improving your dental health for many years to come. By avoiding cavities at an early age, you maintain more of your natural tooth structure later on in life. It’s always best to have as much natural tooth structure intact as possible.

Fluoride Treatments Are Easy to Perform

As we noted above, fluoride treatments are easy. In-office treatments involve rinses or topical applications of fluoride. For children, they may be asked to take an occasional fluoride supplement as their teeth are emerging to improve the strength of the tooth enamel. Simple solutions like this can go a long way toward a lifetime of good dental health.

Am I Due for a Fluoride Treatment?

If you haven't had a fluoride treatment in a while, be sure to talk things over with your dentist. During the conversation, you might get some insight into professional fluoride treatments of your and/or your family, as well as helpful over-the-counter products that contain fluoride to enhance the health of your teeth.

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