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Exploring Gum Recession Causes

By Stephen Rogers on April 09, 2018

Up close photo of person with gummy smileAre the roots of your teeth visible? Do you often experience sensitivity to hot or cold? Do your teeth appear discolored or yellowed near the gum line? You could be experiencing gum recession, a condition in which the gum tissue pulls away, or recedes, from the teeth. 

Gum recession can be mild to severe, localized to generalized. Depending on the severity of the condition, your doctor may recommend gum rejuvenation to improve your oral health and aesthetics.

There are several gum recession causes, which our team at Greater Long Island Dental in Long Island, NY will explore today.

Aggressive Brushing and Flossing

Do you use a medium or hard-bristled toothbrush? What about ultra-thin dental floss? Do you find that the bristles of your brush splay outward after a few weeks of use? These aggressive habits can lead to gum recession. 

Generally, a soft-bristled brush is all you need for gentle, thorough cleaning. It is also important to avoid using too much pressure when you brush, as it can wear away the gums. Take extra care when flossing, as well. The wrong techniques can actually harm the gums. Speak to your dentist or hygienist about which toothbrush and floss will work best for your unique needs. 


If a tooth is positioned abnormally, such as too far forward, gum recession is more likely. While orthodontic treatment is often recommended to address the issue, patients may require a periodontal examination before braces can be considered, as gum recession can actually worsen if not treated proactively.


Do you often wake up in the middle of the night clenching or grinding your teeth? Do you experience chronic headaches or jaw pain in the mornings? Bruxism is a culprit for several different dental issues, including gum recession. 

Dental Trauma

In some cases, gum recession may be the result of an injury. For example, if the gum tissue is lacerated during an accident or sports-related injury, it could lead to recession later on.

Poor Oral Health

When bone is lost, the gum tissue follows suit. That is why patients with periodontitis often experience severe gum recession as well as deep pockets and tooth mobility.


Many of our patients who visit us due to gum recession are worried they have done something wrong. This is simply not always the case. We would be remiss if we did not mention genetics. 

Like so many other health-related conditions, gum recession often has a hereditary component. If one or both of your parents have gum recession, you are far more likely to develop the issue, as well.

How to Address Gum Recession

In years past, gum recession correction required invasive surgery with significant downtime and discomfort. Today, advanced techniques allow us to repair the gums without incisions or stitches. 

At Greater Long Island Dental, our doctors offer gum rejuvenation, a scalpel-free, minimally invasive procedure that can move your gums to a more attractive position. The result is an aesthetically pleasing smile and protected tooth roots, which can offer you long-lasting oral health benefits.

Learn More about Gum Rejuvenation

If you are noticing the symptoms of recession, a simple procedure can address the issue and improve the health of your teeth and gums. To find out if gum rejuvenation is right for you, schedule a consultation with one of our doctors. You can call our office at (516) 468-7103 or you can contact us online anytime.

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