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Oral Health Impacts the Whole Body

Smiling couple with young girl looking down at cameraA little prevention can go a long way, and that is especially true when it comes to maintaining good oral health. At our Long Island clinic, we are committed to educating our patients on oral hygiene, and providing outstanding preventative care using the latest technology. Oral health has a tremendous effect on the health of your entire body. Did you know that many medical conditions—even in their early stages—can be detected by a dentist? Our mission extends beyond creating beautiful smiles; we are also dedicated to improving and maintaining the health and wellness of each of our patients, starting with healthy teeth and gums. To learn more about how our doctors can help your family's health, schedule an appointment today.

Oral Health & Disease

Your smile is the gateway to your body, and when your oral health is compromised, it can affect every aspect of your health. The inflammation caused by gum disease has been linked to increased inflammation throughout the body, and as a result, to a higher risk of heart disease. Research has also suggested the bacteria that infects the gums may contribute to heart disease as it spreads through blood vessels to other parts of the body.

Strong evidence suggests a connection between gum disease and a risk of stroke. Patients diagnosed with acute cerebrovascular ischemia have also been found to be more likely to have an oral infection than those in a control group. Meanwhile, evidence suggests that patients who experience permanent tooth loss before age 35 may be at a higher risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. 

Preserving the Health of the Jaw

Loss of permanent teeth from tooth decay and gum disease can lead to other serious issues. Anchored in the jaw, our teeth naturally stimulate the bone through biting and chewing. Once these signals become absent, the surrounding jaw bone begins to break down as bone cells are distributed to other parts of the body, resulting in overall jaw bone atrophy. Potential problems that can arise include further tooth and jaw pain, headaches, and sinus expansion, as well as a collapsed facial profile that can significantly age your appearance. Infections below the gum line or involving the nerves are also major causes of jaw bone atrophy. Early diagnosis and treatment, including regular check-ups and cleanings, can curb the development of problems that lead to tooth loss.

We Can Help You Maintain Your Health

As part of our focus on prevention and general health, our staff can first make sure you are using proper brushing and flossing techniques. Daily at-home hygiene is the cornerstone of good oral health. This simple routine controls the amount of bacteria in your mouth, which is the main culprit that leads to tooth decay and gum disease. If you require further periodontal care, your dentist can develop a treatment plan to control symptoms and help prevent additional health problems.

Learn More during a Consultation

If you do not currently see a dentist for regular checkups, we can establish a relationship with you to help you achieve and maintain healthy smiles for years to come. To schedule your next dental check-up and professional cleaning, contact us today.

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