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What You Need to Know About Chipped & Cracked Teeth

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Do You Have Chipped or Cracked Teeth?

A cracked or chipped tooth is quite common, particularly as you get a little older. Generally speaking, a small chip or crack isn’t a dental emergency. You can usually have it checked out at your next exam. But if it’s causing discomfort or you’d just like a little extra peace of mind, schedule a quick visit with your dentist to have it looked at. 

3 things you need to know about chipped and cracked teeth

  1. Most small chips and cracks are a cosmetic issue.
  2. Larger chips and cracks may contribute to decay and/or bigger chips/cracks/fractures down the road.
  3. The underlying cause of chipped and cracked teeth may shed light on other health problems like migraine headaches.

Be on the Lookout for Chipped/Cracked Teeth

While smaller chips and cracks may just be annoying or unsightly, talk to your dentist for more information.

chipped tooth rough edges greater long island dental

Rough or sharp edges that irritate your tongue

chipped tooth cracks greater long island dental

Visible cracks/lines in your teeth

big chips missing from tooth greater long island dental

Bigger “chips” missing from your teeth

chipped tooth appearance greater long island dental

Changes to how your teeth look, feel, and function

What Causes Chipped and Cracked Teeth?

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Accidental Damage

Far and away, the leading cause of chipped tooth and cracked teeth is accidental damage like:

  • Getting hit with a ball while playing sports
  • Biting down on a fork or a hard piece of food
  • Banging your face on the steering wheel during a car accident 

Depending on the size of the chip/crack, it might be anything from a minor annoyance to something that could contribute to the eventual loss of your tooth.

Tooth Grinding & Uneven Bite

At every checkup and exam, our dentists look for cracked and chipped teeth and check your bite, too. If your bite is uneven or you have a large number of worn, chipped, and cracked teeth, that’s a sign you might be grinding your teeth at night.

Tooth grinding (also called bruxism) can be eliminated with a custom dental mouthguard worn while you sleep. Breathing exercises and relaxation techniques can also help you reduce stress which may in turn help you to stop clenching and grinding your teeth.

Nighttime teeth grinding is also associated with chronic headaches and migraines, so let your dentist know if this is an issue for you!

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veneers for chipped teeth greater long island dental

Tooth Decay and Demineralization

As you age, your teeth may lose some of their strength and resiliency, making them more susceptible to chips and cracks. 

These cracks may appear as thin hairline fractures called “craze marks” or “crazing.” It’s similar to what you might see around the edges of a piece of fine china.

Cosmetic treatments like bonding or veneers can eliminate cracks and chips. They can also cover up the appearance of stains and reinforce and strengthen your teeth against further damage.

Misaligned Teeth & Bite

When your teeth are misaligned or crooked, they may “bump” into each other when you chew or bite down. This can lead to a variety of chips, cracks, and other issues like premature wear and tear on your teeth.

Ask your dentist at Greater Long Island Dental to evaluate your bite. Invisalign clear braces offer a comfortable and discreet way to straighten teeth and prevent chips and cracks.

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Worn Teeth & Eating Disorders

If you or a member of your family have a history of eating disorders like bulimia, you need to be on the lookout for the possibility of cracked and worn teeth caused by harsh stomach acids. Our dentists can help repair worn and damaged teeth using cosmetic bonding, veneers, or other cosmetic/restorative treatment options.

Talk to your dentist! We know how important it is for you to be confident about how you look and feel.

Whatever the cause, if a cracked tooth is causing discomfort, see a dentist you trust!

The dentists and staff at Greater Long Island Dental in Massapequa are known for our smiling faces, gentle touch, and commitment to exceeding our patients’ expectations.

We’ll help you feel confident about your smile and your health. Our promise to every patient is the same: You’ll always be treated with the utmost care, respect, and compassion.

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