CEREC® Same Day Crowns Massapequa, NY

CEREC® is an acronym for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics.

At Greater Long Island Dental we know that your time is valuable! Because of this, we are consistently on the forefront of the latest and greatest technologies that are available to our patients.

For years, crowns have been known to be completed in at least two to three visits, usually with 2-3 weeks in between each. What would this mean for our patients? More than one injection of anesthetic, goopy impression material, more time out of your busy schedule and uncomfortable and unsightly temporary crowns!

With the help of CEREC® technology, we are able to provide our patients with beautiful porcelain restorations all in the same day while you wait!

CAD/CAM technology is used to help the dental team fabricate precise shapes and sizes for dental restorations including inlays, onlays, crowns, implant crowns and bridges out of a solid block of porcelain without the use of metal substructures utilizing computers and digital scanners. This technology provides our patients with durable, esthetic, well-fitted single and multiple tooth restorations in a more efficient manner. The first step in using CAD/CAM technology is tooth preparation. Next, a digital impression is taken that sends the prepared tooth’s exact dimensions into a computer. This eliminates the use of uncomfortable impression material and provides accuracy to ensure an exact fit! Afterwards, the computer software creates a virtual restoration replacement part for the missing areas of the tooth. The software then sends the virtual restoration data to the milling machine, where the replacement part is carved out of a solid block of ceramic or composite resin. Using a custom shade guide, the crown is then stained and glazed and placed in an oven. Our patients can comfortably relax in the chair or reception area as the restoration is being fabricated. The restoration is adjusted in the patient’s mouth and cemented or bonded in place. Within 90 minutes you’re treatment is complete!

While you’re waiting, make sure to ask Dr. Woltmann’s assistant to show you how to load your very own block of porcelain and view your crown as its being made!

Dr. James Woltmann is a member of the cerecdoctors.com Mentor Group. This is an exclusive group of dentists who have received extensive training in CEREC® one-visit dentistry. The Mentor group invests significant time and resources completing the comprehensive course curriculum which equips them with the knowledge and skills to treat even the most complex cases in a single visit. Dr. Woltmann also educates and shares his knowledge by annually teaching dentists from around the United States at the CEREC® Headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona.