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Discolored Teeth Making You Feel Self-Conscious?

Teeth whitening is a $1.4 billion dollar a year business. But what many people (and some dentists) overlook is the issue of “white spots” appearing on teeth. These small and irregular speckles are common and can be just as damaging to your appearance and self-confidence as stained teeth.

3 things you need to know about white spots

  1. White spots aren’t just a cosmetic issue, they might be a sign you’re at risk of getting a cavity.
  2. White spots don’t mean you did something wrong. Environmental factors and medications often contribute to their appearance.
  3. Modern cosmetic treatments can eliminate white spots!

What Causes White Spots?

white spots too much fluoride greater long island dental

Too much fluoride

demineralization of tooth enamel from white spots greater long island dental

Demineralization of tooth enamel

white spots from nutritional deficiencies greater long island dental

Nutritional deficiencies

white spots from medication greater long island dental

Side effect of some medications

White Spots: How They Affect Your Health & Quality of Life

white spots self confidence greater long island dental

White Teeth = Self-Confidence

Millions of people wish for a whiter, brighter, and more evenly colored smile. Discolorations — whether they be stains or white spots — can make you feel less confident about your appearance. Studies even show that discolored teeth make people look much older than they really are.

If you have white spots on your teeth, you might have tried whitening kits you bought at the grocery store. The results are often disappointing and temporary at best.

Instead, you may want to try teeth whitening treatments offered by your dentist. They’re more powerful and more effective than anything you can buy over the counter.

White Spots May Increase Your Risk of Cavities

White spots may be a sign that your teeth have weakened — a process known as “demineralization.” When teeth are demineralized, they’re more susceptible to decay and cavities. 

Regular dental exams and checkups allow your dentist to monitor the health of your teeth and fix cavities when they’re still small. The bigger a cavity gets, the more likely you’ll need a root canal or possibly even a tooth extraction.

If you’re particularly worried about how white spots are affecting the health or appearance of your teeth, consider porcelain veneers. Veneers are like protective shells that cover your entire teeth and look great, too!

white spots and cavities greater long island dental
white spots braces greater long island dental

Have Braces? Read This Now!

While most cases of white spots are caused by a chemical reaction —too much fluoride, an unexpected side effect of medications, etc. — there is one very common physical cause: orthodontic braces.

Braces fit securely against your teeth. When wearing braces, you MUST brush carefully and thoroughly to keep your teeth healthy. In addition, stains can build up on your teeth if you don’t brush thoroughly when wearing braces.

After your braces are removed, you might see white lines and marks on your teeth in the places the braces used to cover. It’s kind of like “tan lines” on your teeth. Make sure to brush and see your dentist regularly if you or your child is wearing braces!

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