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The Connection Between Snoring and Your Health

Millions of people snore and you might be one of them! While most people are aware of their snoring habit because of complaints from someone in their family, there are other signs of snoring, too. If you wake up with a dry mouth or have chronic headaches, you might be a snorer!

3 things you need to know about snoring

  1. Misaligned teeth and jaw can contribute to snoring
  2. Snoring is a common symptom of sleep apnea
  3. Snoring CAN be cured — often by your dentist!

Sound Familiar? Tell Your Dentist!

Our Massapequa office can aid in the diagnosis of sleep disorders and jaw issues. Besides snoring, you may experience symptoms like:

chronic lethargy and snoring greater long island dental

Chronic lethargy or ennui

stiff and painful jaw snoring greater long island dental

Stiff and painful jaw

headaches snoring greater long island dental


sore throat dry mouth snoring greater long island dental

Sore throats and dry mouth

Why Do You Snore?

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Common Causes of Snoring

Sleeping on your back or having a bit too much to drink might make you snore. But chronic snoring is often rooted in a physical cause like:

  • Inflammation of tissue in the mouth, nose, or throat
  • Blocked nasal passages
  • Lack of muscle tone in the neck and throat
  • Obesity, causing a narrow airway
  • Medicines that cause relaxation

Work with your dentist or physician to determine what might be making you snore.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is one of the most under-diagnosed conditions around. It happens when you briefly stop breathing at night. You might make choking or gasping noises that sound a lot like snoring! It can affect your quality of life and lower your immune system function, too.

What you think is chronic snoring might actually be undiagnosed sleep apnea.

Your dentist can treat sleep apnea with:

  • Oral appliances - These custom mouthpieces are worn while you sleep and help minimize airway obstruction
  • CPAP devices - Worn over the mouth, a CPAP machine delivers a steady stream of air and prevents your airway from collapsing
  • Surgery - In some cases, it’s possible to remove excess tissue from the mouth and throat to eliminate sleep apnea

sleep apnea snoring greater long island dental

Snore Once in a While? These Simple Tips Might Help.

  • Wear a Breathe Right® nasal strip at night to keep your nasal passages open
  • Ask your doctor to try other prescription medications whose side effects might be different
  • Change your sleeping position — most people snore less when sleeping on their sides

Whatever the cause, if you snore or suffer from poor sleep, see a dentist you trust!

The dentists and staff at Greater Long Island Dental in Massapequa are known for our smiling faces, gentle touch, and commitment to exceeding our patients’ expectations.

We’ll help you feel confident about your smile and your health. Our promise to every patient is the same: You’ll always be treated with the utmost care, respect, and compassion.

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