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Zoom! Teeth Whitening: A Brighter Smile in under an Hour

ZOOM!® teeth whitening is a state-of-the-art technology that can deliver exceptional results in under one hour. When you undergo this treatment at Dr. Stephen E. RogersLong Island, NY, practice, you can achieve a smile that is up to eight shades brighter. For an even more dramatic transformation, we can combine Zoom! with other cosmetic dentistry procedures for a complete smile makeover.

Are You a Candidate?

Zoom! is safe and involves minimal discomfort, so it is appropriate for the vast majority of patients. If you are struggling with dental stains on the surfaces of your teeth, you are likely a candidate for this treatment. Extrinsic stains usually develop because of food or drink since dark substances will stain enamel over time, resulting in a yellow or brown shade. Intrinsic stains, or stains that occur deep within the dental tissues, do not usually respond to Zoom! whitening. However, we can provide an alternative treatment, such as porcelain veneers, which can conceal this type of discoloration.

If you are struggling with dental stains on the surfaces of your teeth, you are likely a candidate for Zoom! whitening.

As with most cosmetic dentistry procedures, you should be in good oral health before you undergo teeth whitening. Your dentist will need to address decay or gum disease prior to Zoom! treatment. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should wait to undergo teeth whitening.

The Zoom! Whitening Process

When you receive Zoom!, your dentist or hygienist will cover your teeth in peroxide-based whitening gel. After he or she activates the gel with a special light, oxygen molecules will travel through your teeth, breaking apart stains. Usually, this is repeated in three 15-minute increments. After less than one hour, your teeth could be up to eight shades lighter. Zoom! will not keep stains from developing in the future, but regular touch-ups can keep your smile sparkling. Typically, we will space these repeat treatments six months to a year apart, but this will depend on your goals and needs.

A special light intensifies the effects of the bleach.

Zoom! vs. Take-Home Whitening

At Greater Long Island Dental Health Associates, we offer two types of teeth whitening. Both take-home NiteWhite® and Zoom! treatments can be very effective, and they can achieve comparable results. One may be better suited to your needs than the other. Typically, we recommend Zoom! if you have a limited timeframe and are looking to brighten your smile in time for a big upcoming event, such as a wedding. In contrast to the one-hour treatment needed for Zoom!, NiteWhite can take a week or longer. During a personal consultation, we can determine which approach is best for you.

Contact Our Office to Learn More

To learn more about Zoom! and to find out which type of whitening may be the right fit for you, contact our office online. You can also book an appointment by calling (516) 468-7103. We look forward to helping you achieve results that make you feel proud to share your smile with everyone around you.

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